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Jesus in unexpected places


Sermon by Brian McConkey

Today we continue with the epiphany themes, Jesus’ first miracle!

Jesus is at a wedding in Canaan in Galilee and He shows his first miracle, He shows his glory, He shows his Fathers glory.

Consider that Jesus shows His first miracle at a wedding!

If you were Jesus, what and where would you show your first miracle, perhaps in a synagog or in a big palace? What would you do first?

I have never been to a miserable wedding. Jesus comes across to me as someone who enjoys being in peoples company and enjoys parties and all the fun and joy that is felt. Perhaps people portray Jesus as too serious. This picture shows Jesus being joyful.

A quote from Charles H Spurgeon.

“An individual who has no geniality (friendliness) about him had better be an undertaker and bury the dead for he will never succeed in influencing the living.”

Last night at the Burn’s night (which raised over £500) was fun, we all laughed, talked, enjoyed each others company, and it shouldn’t surprise people that Jesus was there, just as He is here today. Jesus turns up in the most unexpected places.

Jesus’ first miracle was at a home, and Jesus should be at home.

We have a book called Nigela Lawson, the domestic goddess, and there is a quote from Steven Green-Armytage which speaks about Jesus being a domesticated God - not that he should be doing the dishes, but that he is very much happy to be at our homes. Jesus is in our home. If you ever want to really know someone, just ask there partner or children what they are like at home.

Jesus invited his disciples, but perhaps Jesus is that unexpected visitor?

Jesus is that unexpected visitor, perhaps He is present when we very much do not expect him. When visitors come do we treat them Jesus is present?

Expect to find Jesus in our place of work.

Later we will hear from Cathy Thomas who will tell us what she will be doing this time (11am) tomorrow and how Jesus may be present in our lives.

Jesus is outside this church.

Later tonight we are having an ecumenical service at Broughton and we should expect to find Jesus there.

Jesus is there when we are engaging with other faiths.

It shouldn’t surprise us that Jesus will be there when we are discussing and engaging with other faiths.

We should expect to find Jesus at the York Minster when the Rev Libby Lane becomes Bishop of Stockport on Monday, and that He should also be at the next one the week later when The Rev Philip North will be consecrated at York Minster on 2 February.

Jesus turns up in some funny places;

After all who could have said that a boy born in 1962, the 6th child to a mother who was a shopkeeper, who was lazy and always had things done for him, and always under achieved could become the new Dean of Preston here on Wednesday.

Jesus will be present here on Wednesday night as He should be in all our lives.

In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


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