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History of Christ Church Fulwood, Preston

Christ Church, Fulwood, Preston c.1865

A view looking south along Albert Road.


When the parish of fulwood was created in 1860, it was part of Lancaster, not Preston. It had previously been part of St Mary’s parish Lancaster; the largest parish in the county. However, it was seen as necessary to recognize the growing population of wealthy Preston residents moving to the “Forest of Fulwood” as the Industrial Revolution gathered pace. 



Since then, Fulwood continued to grow rapidly. In 1886, the new parish union workhouse was the first major building after Christ Church to be completed, and still stands to this day more recently becoming the Civic Hostel. The rapid growth lead, in 1883, to the Eastern part of Fulwood becoming the new parish of Ribbleton and, in 1916, it was felt necessary to increase the ecclesiastical presense in Fulwood by creating the Church of Saint Cuthbert. 


While Christ Church was being built, a barn of the old Brunswick farm was temporarily used as a mission. The area of the barn was rebuilt as a school in 1866 merging with an existing school on Black Bull Lane. The new school, the Fulwood and Cadeley School (Original Spelling), moved back to Black Bull Lane in 1937 as the Cadley County Primary School.

In January 1862, the Fulwood Church Comittee began appealing for funds with a target of £3,700. By 1864 the target was reached and, on 12 May 1864, the foundation stone of the new church was laid. It was dedicated on 3 August 1865 by the Bishop of Manchester. 

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