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Welcome to pathfinders.

This is a small group of secondary school aged children where we explore our faith and mission and how we can openly show our love for Jesus Christ in todays society.

We looked at the passage from John 1:29-42 were Jesus asks the disciples

"what do you want? they reply with

"where are you staying" and Jesus says

"Come and see"

Old Testament;
Wanting - to be like other tribes and have a king.
Where - God was in a box (tabernacle) 
Come - The people of God frequently failed.
During Jesus' earthly ministry;
Wanting - to be like Jesus.
Where - God was in human form (Jesus) but emptied of God's powers to live as a man. 
Come - The disciples failed repeatedly until Jesus payed the price on the cross, rose from the dead and sent the Holy Spirit to empower everyone.
In our lives;
Wanting - to follow Jesus.
Where - God is within us as Jesus sent his Holy Spirit to guide us.
Come - At the start of each day, ask God to show us the way.


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