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Spiritually, physically, emotionally tired?


Gal. 4. 4-7

Luke 2. 15-21


A Few reflections by Brian

The Sunday after Christmas day always feels like a low point. Spiritually, physically and emotionally we might be feeling wrung out or all the festivities have taken their toll.

What would have Mary and Joseph have felt like after the long journey to Bethlehem, arrival in a stable, the birth of their son followed by the shepherds and visitors, and eventually being left all alone and then presenting Jesus to the temple for his circumcision and naming. Would they have felt physically, emotionally and spiritually worn down.

Brian reflected on the birth of his daughter and how he felt an emotional flood when handed his daughter, it was an emotional high. Later he had to go and baptise a tiny baby because of fears over health and then the celebration a couple of months later, the events had clearly taken their toll on the family involved.

What must the couple, Mary and Joseph have felt. What did they think about? Were they spiritually, physically and emotionally wrung out? What must they thought about, perhaps what lay ahead for them and the child.

What must couples be thinking this Christmas time? We have started a journey and offered our children to God (Not that our children are really ours but gifts lent for a time!)

Christmas is not just for children and families, and here we go on to hear about Simeon and Anna that have been waiting and praying for many years for the Messiah to come, and Mary and Joseph bring their child to them. Their ambitions and dreams were realised in this child.

What does Christmas mean for the older generation? Most of the older generation could be thinking I have been there and done that, and even worn the t-shirt. Simeon and Anna certainly had been there for many years and had seen many things. Perhaps many older people have many dreams and hopes to fulfil.

There was a story of a Scottish man who made violins and his daughter got in touch with all the people who were playing on his instruments, and arranged for them to play a concert for her father. Sadly at the end of the program it said that the violin maker had died a couple of weeks later, but perhaps this was nice as he had achieved much and he had done all he had set out to do.

None of us want to come to the end of our lives and have regrets. I would say for God’s sake, for Heaven’s sake, Go and do it!

We reflect when all the events that have gone by, on young couples feeling the physical, emotional and Spiritual toll.

We reflect and remember the suffering slaughtered children under Herod, and the suffering today across the world.

We reflect on the elderly generation, on Simeon and Anna and still having hopes and dreams to fulfil.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit


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