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Persistent love

Persistent love

Reading from Matthew 15:21-28

Once there was a mother whose daughter had terrible headaches.

And it was as if there were angry voices in her daughter's head and she just couldn't get rid of them.

Mum was desperate. She didn't know what to do.

Then she found out that a man called Jesus had come to stay not far from her home. She had heard about him and of the wonderful things he said and did in Galilee. She had an idea. When she arrived, she called out to him and gave him his proper title as the special rescuer from God who was related to King David.Jesus' disciples wanted Jesus to have a break from all this healing and so pushed her away.

But mum would not give up because she loved her child. Jesus was surprised to hear someone from outside Israel having faith in God like this. But Jesus was focused for the moment on rescuing his own people. It wasn't the right time for his rescue to spread to the whole world. He told the mum this. But she didn't give up.

Then Jesus said a strange thing. He said that the things he was doing were like food on a table that was just for the Jews for the time being. Then the mum said an even stranger thing. She replied, but even from a meal on a big table some pieces will fall to the ground for those who aren't up at the table. Can't my daughter catch a crumb from the table?

Jesus was amazed at her good sense and persistent faith. He said that her daughter would be well because of the mum's faith.

The gospel tells of a mother who's persistent love for her daughter saved her. The disciples where probably trying to protect Jesus so he didn't get too tired but Jesus did not turn her away.

The mother had persistent faith - we should.

Brian reflected on a story of a mother Anne Williams, whose love and persistent determination to get to the truth about the Hillsborough football tragedy eventually led to the fans getting justice, and this mother getting justice for the death of her son, before she herself died of cancer.

Most mums persistently want the best for their children because they love them. Their love never ends, their love never gives up.

Today we thank God for this love that never gives up.

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