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To Corinth with love.

Sermon on Paul’s letter to Corinth

Canon Michael Green wrote a great book entitled "To Corinth with love"

Paul was writing a letter to the Corinth church in the spirit of love. Corinth was a great port and had many influences seeping in to distil their faith. There were disagreements between the churches, the members and the authority.

Two thousand years later the church still suffers from these same problems. When the church is divided, our response has got to be love.

Admonish – people will make mistakes but we must respond with love. We should never be ashamed of what people have done, but treat them with compassion.

When there is division, we should support our leaders.

The perfect church does not exist - if it did, we would join and then the church would not be perfect.

We want difference – but the real skill is how we deal with it. The Church should disagree well.

Some advice!

Have a cup of tea, keep calm and fall out well.

We have a wonderful diverse community, despite all our disagreements we all share in the bread and wine of our saviour Jesus Christ.

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