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Live everyday as your last

1st December 2013

Matthew 24:36

But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

During Advent we should live everyday as it is our last.

If this was our last day on earth, what would you do? St Paul lived everyday as his last “with expectation and hope”. He told us to be ready.

What should we do in the run up to Christmas?

Brian reflected on the song by John Bell and Graham Maule “Take this moment” with five thoughts.

  1. Don’t wait till Christmas to tell people you love them, do it now.

  2. Advent is a time of mending.

  3. Advent is a time to ask for forgiveness (God can forgive things we can’t if only we allow him to)

  4. Christmas is for everyone, not just children – we all have a child in us somewhere.

  5. Advent is a time of offering our time and skills to God.

Here are the full lyrics;

1.Take this moment, sign and space; Take my friends around; Here among us make the place Where your love is found. 2. Take the time to call my name, Take the time to mend Who I am and what I've been, All I've failed to tend. 3. Take the tiredness of my days, Take my past regret, Letting your forgiveness touch All I can't forget 4. Take the little child in me Scared of growing old; Help me here to find my worth Made in God's own mould. 5. Take my talents, take my skills, Take what's yet to be; Let my life be yours, and yet Let it still be me.

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