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Mission - not through words but through acts of Love

Brian expanded on how mission used to involve inviting people to events at the church and then telling them about Jesus. But mission has changed. God uses us not through eloquent words but by acts of love and the most important act of love or mission that we can do is to share our Christian faith with our family. Mission begins at home.

Brian also reflected on the churches mission and the response to pain with this hymn by John L.Bell

We cannot measure how you heal or answer every sufferer’s prayer, yet we believe your grace responds where faith and doubt unite to care. Your hands, though bloodied on the cross, survive to hold and heal and warn, to carry all through death to life and cradle children yet unborn.

Through acts of love there might be pain, and God weeps and suffers with us, as he did when his son died on the cross, but he also leaps for joy, as he did when his son rose from the dead. When we are happy and he wants us to be happy.

Brian asked what do we bring to mission? We don't just bring our joys and share them with the church but we also bring our sufferings and our pain, but how the church lifts you up to support you.

Brian finished by saying that we have so much to offer, but we need people to tell us how and how we can share that love with one another.

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