Listen to him

March 2, 2014

Matthew 17:1-9

Listening to him.


Today Peter started the sermon with a quiz about what sayings or phrases we think Jesus actually said. We believe that Jesus is more than a moral teacher, he is the only son of God, and God incarnate.


Jesus appeared with Moses (law) and Elijah (prophet) – but God was saying that Jesus was more than these, he was his only son. God reveals himself in Jesus.


  • God said “listen to him”


Are we really listening to Jesus? –If we have really heard Jesus then it will be evidenced by our actions.


Challenge to read Matthew 5-7 and reflect on whether we are really following what he tells us.


If we only acknowledge Jesus’ teachings as good moral things to follow and we do not have a relationship with him then we are not truly living God’s will.  


Jesus gives us the Holy Spirit to empower us.


Do you live out your life in a relationship with Jesus?

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